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History of the Brick Mantooth doll

Rare 1976 commercial for Odeon toys Brick Mantooth doll that ran at 3:00AM on Buffalo 29.

the Brick Mantooth figure

the Brick Mantooth figure

The Brick Mantooth doll comes in a solid box with an exclusive sticker. You may have to dress him. You can order him today from our online store

The 1975 Odeon Toys Showroom with a special appearance by Brick Himself, the buyers clamoured to order this hot new action figure and Mantooth himself reportadly went home with four showroom models from the Azrak Hamway/Remco booth.

The Mantooth Doll sold well for entire period of Odeon's history. Over the years we added several vehciles, outfits and playsets for Brick which we'll reveal at a leter date.

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