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Captain Canuck goes on sale this month!

After a long wait, I'm happy to announce we're gearing up to launch the 8" Captain Canuck doll this month. Stay tuned for announcements on the Captain's big launch party and how to get yours!

The House of Fun Returns

After nearly a 30 year absence in the market, like an eagle from the ashes, Odeon Toys has been reborn.

Due an unfortunate set of circumstances involving incarceration, the once bright flame of Odeon toys was snuffed in 1978. Many believe that foul play was afoot, as Odeon Toys was a juggernaut that all other toy companies feared.

Odeon may have not been the biggest but the incredibly energy coming out of their brains resulted in shocking ideas that made other toy companies soil themselves in jealousy..

Welcome to Odeon Toys 2.0, we hope you'll get to know us, browse our upcoming products, see our 1975 catalog and drop us a line to tell us what you think.

Vic Machismo Jr.

The new book rack toys centers around cheap playthings from the 1970s

Rack Toys is the upcoming book from Plaidstallions

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